ATT continues to expand their service offerings with the latest in scanning and inspection equipment

Faro Blue Light HD scanner

Faro Blue Light HD scanner

This scanner is amazing. It allows you to scan about 5 time faster pervious scanners with significantly more definition. We are getting extremely fine detail now on the face of a coin, fabric, etc.

Creaform Handy Scan:

Creaform Handy Scan
This Scanner is outstanding as well. 14 scanners and millions of point per second. What is nice about it is that we can place photo reflective targets on the surface to be scanned, value them with photogrammetry then scan even very large objects without having make station moves with a PCMM. Very mobile.


Hexagon 7-10-7 CMM

ATT has also picked up a traditional CMM for our customers with smaller precision production parts and tools.