ATT Metrology Services, Inc. Adds V-STARS Photogrammetry from Geodetic Systems to their Portable CMM Arsenal

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Melbourne, FL — December 6, 2005 — Geodetic Systems, Inc. (GSI), a leading provider of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems for industrial applications, today announced ATT Metrology Services, Inc. (Redmond, WA) has purchased a V-STARS S8 Photogrammetry system to complement its arsenal of advanced three-dimensional measurement equipment and software. ATT is a leading provider of large volume Metrology Services to the aerospace, shipbuilding, and power generation industries. Geodetic Systems is renown in the field of 3D digital imaging and industrial photogrammetry.

V-STARS photogrammetric systems are predominantly used for in-place measurement of large stationary objects in unstable environments, where conditions like vibration, movement, and extreme temperatures present problems for other types of metrology devices. ATT recently secured a contract to provide metrology services for the measurement of the C-17 Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM). The project requires measurement of the LAIRCM components using digital photogrammetry to determine their spatial relationship in the aircraft’s tailcone section. Measurements are captured outdoors at night often in windy conditions in excess of 20 knots and aircraft movement exceeding +/-2 inches. ATT is able to target the aircraft, take digital photographs, process the results in a few hours, and achieve accuracies better than +/- a few thousandths of an inch. V-STARS photogrammetry is the only technology that makes this endeavor possible.

“We have more and more customers looking for high precision measurement services to be conducted in environments that are very dynamic and not stable,” states Steve Ihlenfeldt, president of ATT Metrology Services.”V-STARS photogrammetry is tailor-made for these types of jobs. The handheld INCA3 camera can photograph hundreds or even thousands of targets simultaneously in a few milliseconds. This means that both the camera and object can be in motion and extremely accurate measurement can still be obtained.”

According to Ihlenfeldt, the aerospace industry provides a good example of a photogrammetry application. The interior or exterior of an aircraft is not structurally sound enough to support or mount a traditional PCMM requiring a stable platform in order to obtain accurate measurements. Stablizing a large volume object like an aircraft to the extent necessary to obtain accurate measurements may require moving the aircraft indoors, jacking the aircraft, and removing all the personnel on the plane. Typically, these options are not acceptable to the manufacturer.

ATT Metrology Services sees growth potential in their new ability to measure objects in dynamic motion, to capture precision data in unsteady environments, and to accomplish assignments requiring simultaneous multiple point coordinate acquisition.

GSI’s digital photogrammetric camera, the INCA3, operates exceptionally in busy production settings, cramped areas, outdoor locations, or high above an object from a cherry picker or scaffolding. The entire V-STARS solution can be hand carried onboard a plane, or checked in as standard baggage. V-STARS is primarily used for metrology applications by leading service providers and Fortune 500/1000 manufacturers in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, power generation, antennas, space hardware, and more.

What is Metrology? What is Photogrammetry? The science of measurement is known as the field of metrology. Engineers, manufacturers, scientists, and quality control technicians utilize measurement technology in their own unique disciplines. Photogrammetry is a three-dimensional coordinate measuring technique that uses photographs as the fundamental medium for metrology. GSI offers the most comprehensive product line based on industrial photogrammetry in the marketplace.

About ATT Metrology

ATT Metrology Services, Inc. is a world-class provider of precision measurement services and equipment leasing. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and was established in 1988. ATT metrologists are highly skilled in the most advanced three-dimensional measurement hardware and software. The company’s wealth of industrial measurement experience continues to grow through its work with major international manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, scientific, marine, construction, communication/ antenna and the entertainment industries. For more information, visit their web site at or call toll-free 1-888-320-7011.

About Geodetic Systems, Inc.

Geodetic Systems, Inc. (GSI) is an international supplier of industrial photogrammetry solutions for the industrial measurement/metrology marketplace. GSI develops and markets the V-STARS family of 3D coordinate measurement systems for users involved in measurement and inspection applications in diverse industries such as aerospace, power generation, automotive, and shipbuilding. INCA3, the company’s flagship product, is a state-of-the-art digital photogrammetry camera with many progressive features. GSI distributes its products via a worldwide network of industry partners. Founded in 1977, the privately-held company is located in Melbourne, Florida. For more information, GSI can be reached at 321-724-6831 or visit their website at

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