Boeing 787 Production Metrology Support

Customer Boeing
Location Charleston, South Carolina
Task Support Production - 787 AFT Body

ATT Metrology Services (ATT) was contracted by Boeing to augment their in-house resources for large scale metrology services. Several crews of ATT technicians were deployed along with a Leica laser tracker equipped with a T-Cam / T-Probe. Our crews showed tremendous flexibility and worked whatever hours Boeing needed in order to meet its demanding production schedule.

The metrology skill provided by ATT was also an advantage to Boeing since ATT technicians not only have the skill to measure the complex part but they also have the ability to do complete analysis and reporting of data collected immediately by the same crews. By combining these skills (frequently split among several people or organizations), ATT was able to further take the pressure off Boeing’s personnel and enable rapid turnaround of information.

As often happens, ATT’s dedicated employees developed the project that was at first to be support for several weeks instead into several months. In the end ATT was able to improve the repetitive processes and reduce the flow time by as much as 50%.