F-135 GFE Hardware (Engine and Lift Fan)

Customer Pratt & Whitney
Location Fort Worth, Texas
Task Evaluate Primary Datum Systems, Measure and Evaluate critical Assembly Interfaces

ATT Metrology Services (ATT) was selected by Pratt & Whitney to provide precision measurement services to measure and evaluate critical features using a Leica Laser Tracker fitted with T-Probe measurement capability and using Spatial Analyzer software.

ATT was brought in to provide objective assessment of several F-135 engine components critical to the engines mounting and assembly to the F-35 aircraft body. By using the T-probe ATT was able to quickly and accurately assess the datums on the major assemblies (engine and lift fan), check critical assembly points and to assess linear drive shaft distances. In addition to collection of the data ATT was able to reduce the data collection time from one day to ½ day for this process.

ATT’s flexibility and ability to rapidly mobilize technicians and equipment enabled Pratt & Whitney to make up critical schedule delays for this project.