Morony Dam Hydro-Electric Plant

Customer M&B Engineered Solutions
Location Great Falls, Montana
Task #1 and #2 Generator Survey

The Morony Dam Hydro Electric Plant near Great Falls, Montana, consists of 2 turbines each capable of producing 25 MW of power. ATT Metrology Services (ATT) was contracted to survey Unit #1 to determine the relative shape and position of the rotor and stator to the rotor shaft, due to damages to the rotor. A similar survey was performed on Unit #2, the purpose of which was to use this as a baseline for comparison. In addition, a survey on the Lower unit #1 was made to determine if there was a misalignment between the rotor shaft, wicket gates and turbine.

The Leica AT401 laser tracker was used to perform the survey in conjunction with Spatial Analyzer software. An overall accuracy of +/-0.002 inches was achieved. Our customer will use the provided data and corresponding analysis to determine to what extent rework of the machinery will be required.