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ATT is a premier provider of onsite precision measurement services using state of the art metrology equipment and software. Equipment and services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere, anytime, no job too big or too small. We excel at exceeding customers’ expectations. Call 888-320-7011 or e-mail today so we can show how we can help with your project.


ATT is committed to the highest standards of measurement excellence. We are focused on meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements by adhering to the requirements and practices consistent with ISO9000 and applicable customer quality standards. We recognize that the success of ATT depends on our commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and practices, and ever increasing our business performance goals. We also realize the critical role that all employees play within the company in ensuring that ATT achieves our quality and performance goals.

ATT certifies its equipment to be in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications for accuracy.

ATT Metrology can also provide NIST or mil-spec traceability, as required for individual customers.

ATT Metrology has an excellent staff of experienced measurement personnel and management. The following is a brief synopsis of the experience of our key staff. ATT also has a large pool of contract employees that also support ATT projects and have extensive measurement backgrounds in many industries.


Steve has worked in the aircraft industry for 26 years specializing in the design, fabrication, and inspection of aerospace tools and components using advanced 3-D measurement systems. During that time he has been involved in many aspects of the development, implementation and standardization of Computer Aided Theodolites, Laser Tracker, Videogrammetry, Photogrammetry, PCMM’s and Laser Scanning Technologies. Steve worked with several companies to develop standard industry practices and user guidelines for 3-D measurement systems including Computer Aided Theodolites, Laser Trackers, Videogrammetry and Photogrammetry, and Laser Scanners. He also managed teams that were responsible for developing Software and Hardware standards as well as, training, user guidelines and quality assurance acceptance criteria for these systems. Steve’s project experience is very diverse and includes B-1B, B-2, C-17, 737/747/757/767/777, BAe-146 and G-4 aircraft programs.


Joan came to ATT in 1988 just as the company was getting underway. During this time she has been involved in many aspects of the development, direction and implementation of process and procedures that the company follows today. Joan is focused on the marketing and growth of the company and has helped grow the company brand to what it is today. Before ATT, Joan worked mostly in the medical field working for distributors of medical products; Baxter International and 3C Medical.


Sherrie Vanover, CFO, ATT Metrology Services, has been an accounting professional for over 20 years. Sherrie’s Accounting responsibilities include overseeing all Accounting functions and personnel. Sherrie ensures ATT is compliant with all federal and state laws, deals with all auditors, and prepares all financial statements in accordance with law. Further, Sherrie ensures all deadlines, and reporting requirements are met. Sherrie has been audited numerous times by independent and government auditors and has only ever received a clean opinion/positive result. Further responsibilities that Sherrie undertakes include Sales and Customer Support, Operational Duties, Human Resources, Management, Administrative, IT, and some Marketing/Web. Sherrie earned her BS Degree in Accounting from the School of Business at Portland State University, graduating with honors. Portland State University has requested that Sherrie be involved in the Mentoring program for young accountants. Sherrie has also been involved with the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance. Sherrie also volunteers her time to complete tax returns for low income families. Prior to ATT, Sherrie worked and consulted in both the Energy and Insurance sectors, working in several states across the U.S.

DR. EDWARD A. INGHAM – Consultant

General Background/Experience After retiring from the US Air Force, Dr. Ingham worked for two years as a defense contractor with Research Associates of Syracuse and is currently a Boeing 767 First Officer with Federal Express. 2004-2006 – Research Associates of Syracuse At RAS, Dr Ingham was contracted to the Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome New York, as a technical advisor in the Measurements and Signatures Intelligence branch. Specific subject areas included: advanced synthetic aperture radar imaging, LASER processing and exploitation, high power microwave weapons exploitation, concealed weapons detection, and through the wall radar sensing. He also worked directly with RAS on the Horizontal Fusion Initiative in an effort to maximize tactical aircraft effectiveness in the modern battlefield. 1984-2004 – US Air Force Dr. Ingham completed his career by commanding the USAF Aggressors; an elite squadron dedicated to assuring readiness for US and Allied combat air forces. He supervised over 25 pilots, air weapons directors, and ground personnel specially trained to replicate air and ground threat operations and assess US and Allied performance. As an Aggressor, he coordinated and led all adversary air and ground threats during Red and Maple Flag exercises involving training missions with over 80 combat aircraft. Additionally, his unit was identified by the Air Force Chief of Staff as the dedicated adversary air for F/A-22 testing, validation, and initial cadre pilot training. Dr. Ingham also served as the Director of Operations for Red Flag. He was directly responsible for maximizing the training opportunities and safe conduct of Red Flag missions routinely conducted twice a day over a two-week period. Each Red Flag mission required detailed coordination with the Nellis Combined Air and Space Operations Center, the Nevada Test and Training Range, the Nellis Air Combat Training System, and Nellis AFB airfield support facilities. In 2000, Dr. Ingham was the Operations Officer of the 310th Fighter Squadron, the USAF’s primary Night Systems and Forward Air Control F-16 training squadron. He supervised over 30 Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night, Forward Air Control, and Night Vision Goggle F-16 Instructor Pilots. In 1998, Dr. Ingham was an action officer for the Barry M Goldwater Range in Southern Arizona. He was instrumental in integrating an FAA operated Air Route Surveillance Radar with military operations and acquiring electromagnetic and infrared threat replication systems for advanced combat training. Education Air Force Institute of Technology PhD, l996 Air Force Institute of Technology MSSE, 1993 United States Air Force Academy BSES, l984 Publications E. A. Ingham, J. D. Scofield, and M. Pachter, Improved Linear Prediction for Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Analysis, Journal of Applied Physics, 1996.

BOB CLEMENT – Eastern Regional Manager

ATT is pleased to announce that Bob Clement has joined the company as Sales & Marketing/Photogrammetry Specialist as of October 2006. Bob’s primary role will be to market equipment leasing and contract inspection services and to develop the market and processes for ATT’s newly acquired photogrammetry systems. He will also be involved in the development of strategic partnerships with various software and hardware metrology companies. Bob’s overall focus will not only be to grow ATT’s photogrammetry business, but also to expand ATT’s overall presence in the metrology service providers’ marketplace. Bob will be based in Greenville, South Carolina, which will provide ATT a much wider base from which to meet our customers’ needs. Bob has been involved in automotive metrology with BMW for the past 12 years. He has been involved in the production launch of every US built BMW to date. In his job, he pioneered the introduction of photogrammetry to the automotive world, which has led to new applications and software capabilities. His success with new technologies led to BMW relying on his knowledge and abilities as an “out of the box” thinker to come up with reliable technologies to solve complicated metrology problems. Bob also has been a strong and committed supporter of the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference and can be largely credited for his leadership contributions to the current success of the organization. ATT feels strongly that Bob’s experience and successful track record will prove very useful to ATT’s customers. If you would like to contact Bob, either to discuss measurement issues, or to inquire about a specific project, he can be reached through one of the following methods: (425) 867-5356 or bobc@attinc.com.

Jeremy Greer – Measurement Lead – Boeing Focal

Jeremy has been with ATT Metrology since September of 2008. He quickly gained experience in Aerospace and Industrial Metrology. Jeremy has extensive knowledge of Theodolites, Laser Tracker, Photogrammetry and Spatial Analyzer Measurement Programing. His management experience prior to ATT combined with his experience in Metrology gained while with ATT has allowed Jeremy to take on larger and more extensive projects. Jeremy is currently the ATT Project Manager for Boeing SC’s that has been ongoing for the last 5 years. The Boeing SC’s projects include a wide range of industrial projects, tooling validations and part inspections.

What is 3D Metrology?

3D Metrology is the art and science of creating extremely accurate three dimensional data models of complex surfaces and objects. 3D metrology has become more and more important with the rapid growth of the extensive computer modeling that is at the heart of today’s technological advances. 3D Metrology takes us from existing objects to the theoretical model, and from the theoretical model to new accurately manufactured objects. 3D Metrology is the key connection between the physical and virtual worlds.

What is a Computer Aided Theodolite?

A theodolite is an optical instrument that can be manually aimed at a target and a horizontal and vertical angle recorded. A computer aided theodolite system is one where up to 8 theodolites can be connected to a computer to record angular readings from each of the theodolites and compute x, y, z coordinates for points of interest. The angular readings are accurate to +/- 1/2 of an arcsecond. An arcsecond is 1/3600 of a degree.

What is a Laser Tracker?

A laser tracker is similar to a theodolite, in that it records horizontal and vertical angles, but has the added feature of being able to record a distance using an interferometer at the same time. This permits the calculation of x, y, z values for any point from one tracker position (theodolites require a minimum of 2 positions). The angular readings are in the +/- 1/2 arc second range, and the distance is recorded by an interferometer to +/- 2 ppm.

What is a Portable CMM/Arm?

A portable CMM Arm is used to inspect, reverse engineer, or perform CAD-to-Part Analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with remarkable accuracy.Measures within +/- .0010 inches (+/- .25 mm). Available in spherical ranges of 4 ft – 12 ft (1.2m to 3.7m).

Basic Computations

With theodolites, the basic calculation is to use two horizontal and vertical angles and a baseline distance established between the theodolites to “triangulate” the position of the intersection of the two lines of sight to the point.

More complex computations are used for defining the location of the theodolites relative to a defined reference system through “a least-squares coordinate transformation”. This process essentially allows moving a set of points and overlaying them on a similar set of points in a desired reference system by minimizing the sum of the squared deviations.

Laser trackers, since they don’t require multiple instruments to read a single point to generate its coordinate values, primarily use the coordinate transformation to relate different sets of point measurements to a common reference frame. This would include relating points measured from different tracker set-ups.

Benefits of using CAT, or Laser Tracker, or Portable CMM/Arm

Fast Data Collection – reduces downtime of objects being measured.
Highly Accurate – greater accuracy than conventional methods of using jig transits, levels, scales.
Highly Portable – equipment can be easily shipped by air to a customer site or rolled across the factory.
Surface Scanning – Laser trackers can collect data at a veryrate of 1000 points/second.