ATT Metrology Solutions is the industry leader in providing three-dimensional measurement equipment leasing/rental on a short or long term basis. Our full-service equipment rental ⁄ leasing program includes evaluation of equipment requirements, on-site support of equipment, training in use of systems, shipping and tailored lease programs for special projects.

ATT's leasing ⁄ rental program addresses several key issues for our customers. The benefits include:

  • Short or long term rentals – whether you need metrology equipment for a day, a week, a month or a year, we have flexible solutions to meet your needs
  • ATT’s 24/7 support, same day service, overnight shipping and local delivery options are available when the unexpected happens
  • Supporting workload peaks, minimizing budget impacts for short term projects
  • Opportunity to test the equipment on a specific application prior to committing capital budget
  • Eliminate maintenance – all ATT equipment is calibrated per ISO standards, relieving your company of any maintenance costs
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Metrology engineers and operators – we offer not only equipment and software but also operator support and metrology expertise both onsite and offsite

ATT has distinguished itself in the equipment leasing ⁄ precision measurement rental arena by developing an extensive network of industry contacts allowing ATT to acquire equipment from any manufacture, for any customer requirement, even if it exceeds ATT's own pool of resources.

Please review a sampling of our in-stock Laser Trackers, Laser Scanners, PCMM Arms, Total Stations, Photogrammetry Equipment, Standard Optics, as well as a variety of Third Party Software available for use with our equipment.

Rentals Projects

laser scanners

Metrology Laser Scanner Rentals

ATT Metrology now offers the most advanced large volume laser scanning systems. Laser scanner coordinate measurement systems can be used in many measurement environments to include aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding industries. ATT will gladly review with a customer the strengths of these laser scanning systems and how they would applyRead More


Metrology Laser Tracker Rentals

ATT Metrology offers several laser tracker rental and precision laser scanning options for our customers. From the Leica AT960, AT901 / LTD840 fully functioning tracker/scanner/probe to the versatile smaller AT401/AT402 to the FARO work horse of Vantage, Xi and Si models. ATT will gladly review with a customer the strengthsRead More

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Metrology Faro Equipment Rental PCMM’s

PCMM – Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines ATT currently offers both the Faro Edge and the Quantum – 7 axis measurement systems. Used in conjunction with the laser line probe, these systems become a very versatile scanning system. GET A QUOTE TODAY

metrascan3d shop floor scanning probing system angle leftv2

Photogrammetry Equipment Rental

Photogrammetry Equipment Rental ATT Metrology is now a premier provider of Industrial Photogrammetry Services and uses Geodetic Systems V-STARS and the INCA3 Camera, Platinum, and Gold Cameras. ATT will gladly review with a customer the strengths of these systems and how they would apply to their specific needs. GET ARead More

Software 2

Third Party Metrology Measurement Software Rental

Third Party Metrology Measurement Software ATT Metrology Solutions has many different types of Third Party Metrology Measurement Software available for use with our laser trackers and laser scanners to meet our customer needs. GET A QUOTE TODAY Spatial Analyzer (SA) is a traceable, 3D, graphical Metrology Measurement Software which communicatesRead More

Leica LTD840 and TDRA6000 1

Laser Station Rental | Total Station Rental

Laser Stations/Total Stations ATT Metrology currently offers Laser Stations (TDA5005 and TDRA6000) for our customers. ATT will gladly review with a customer the strengths of this system and how it would apply to their specific needs. Equipment leasing inquiries can be addressed to sales at ATT’s Issaquah Office. GET A QUOTERead More