ATT Metrology is a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

ATT Metrology Solutions has a world-class team of metrology and robot experts to build inspection and automation solutions using the latest sensor and control technologies.  Our staff come from a diverse background of building industry-leading automated fiber placement (AFP) and robotic 3D printing cells, machine calibration software, and robotic inspection systems to name a few.

We have expertise with Kuka, FANUC and ABB, and are proud to be a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator.  This partnership enables us to offer comprehensive automated solutions, effectively merging high-accuracy metrology services with cutting-edge robotic systems.  Beckhoff control systems with TwinCAT's real-time capabilities allow us to optimize control loops and data processing, ensuring swift and precise responses to dynamic manufacturing conditions.

Whether we’re implementing our ARTEMIS™ closed-loop robot accuracy solution or a basic machine calibration process, we ensure that the accuracy will be sufficient for success in your manufacturing operation.  In-line metrology inspection, 3D printing, sheet metal routing, robotic assembly or disassembly, robotic trim and hole drilling, and accurate robotic paint deposition are all solutions ATT engineers perform by combining metrology sensors, Beckhoff controls and FANUC robotics.  Contact Us to find out how our robot integration expertise can deliver results for your application.

Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

FANUC Features & Benefits

FANUC stands at the forefront of automation technology, pioneering advancement in industrial robotics. Each robot is engineered to execute tasks with exacting standards, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the margin for error to near zero. 

FANUC robots are designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs and boast superb flexibility. With the support of a FANUC authorized system integrator, they can be effortlessly customized to suit a wide range of tasks, including welding, painting, assembly, and material removal. 

Ultimately, FANUC robots can be programmed for intricate tasks that require a high level of intelligence. This includes complex decision-making capabilities and real-time adjustments during operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

FANUC robotics system applications:

  • Assembly Automation: Transform your assembly lines with state-of-the-art automation that delivers meticulous accuracy and consistency.
  • Industrial Material Handling: Streamline your material handling workflow with ATT Metrology as your FANUC authorized system integrator. We offer tailored solutions to help you move products swiftly and safely, even in high-volume manufacturing environments.
  • Painting, Coating & Dispensing: With FANUC robots integrated into your infrastructure, you can achieve unmatched consistency and flawless finishes. These solutions are scalable and flexible and designed to meet the intricate requirements of engineering, aerospace, and specialized manufacturing standards.


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  • Enhanced precision and consistency: FANUC robots ensure each operation is replicated with the same accuracy, minimizing human error and delivering products with exacting standards.
  • Increased productivity: Implementing FANUC’s sophisticated robotics into your process can eliminate bottlenecks and boost output, as it can operate around the clock without the need for breaks or downtime.
  • Improved workplace safety: Robots take on the risk, handling dangerous tasks and harsh environments. This prevents accidents while allowing your skilled workforce to focus on less risky, high-level activities.
  • Cost efficiency: FANUC robots contribute to substantial cost reductions with heightened efficiency and reduced need for oversight. Decreased waste, lower energy use, and streamlined labor expenses spell out sizable savings over time.


Discover the endless possibilities that ATT Metrology can unfold for your enterprise as your FANUC robotics-authorized integrator. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians is ready to tailor integrated robotic automation solutions that enhance your production capabilities. Let us help you increase your productivity and profits and remain at the forefront of innovation.