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Maglev, Inc – Scan of Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit

In 2004, ATT supported Maglev, Inc., with a Scan of the T-Rex Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steve Hand, Senior Metrologist with Maglev, Inc., said the following: “All of us at Maglev, Inc. would like to thank ATT MetrologyRead More

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W. M. Keck Observatory

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Keck Observatory to inspect the Azimuth Journal Bearing of Keck 1 telescope. Our customer’s focus was to determine whether any significant deviation from their prior data collected in 2006 after the Kiholo Bay Earthquake existed. Due to theRead More

Virgin Orbit 747 scaled

Virgin Orbit: Cosmic Girl

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Virgin Orbit to locate the position and orientation of 210 vibration Sensors situated on a Boeing 747-400 in support of ground vibration test. Virgin Orbit had customized this 747 for the capability of lowering the cost of sendingRead More

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Airbus Station 41 Fuselage Join

Overview ATT Metrology was tasked with surveying and providing adjustment data for the actuator location verification and adjustment on the Airbus Station 41 Fuselage Join Positioning System . Solution ATT Metrology employed their Advanced Automation Framework to develop an automated procedure to guide technicians inRead More


Robot Guidance System

Overview Acieta needed a way to guide a Fanuc M-2000ia heavy lifting industrial robot in the placement of materials weighing up to 300kg within a tolerance of 0.38mm. Robots have a good repeatability of motion, but the accuracy of location can be anywhere from 1-5mm.Read More

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Airbus Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join

Overview ATT Metrology was tasked with surveying and providing adjustment data for the actuator location verification and adjustment on the Airbus FAL D570-74040-000W7000-80A99 Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join Positioning System. Solution ATT Metrology employed their Advanced Automation Framework to develop an automated procedure toRead More

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Lockheed Martin Aerospace – Laser Tracker Alignment System

Overview Lockheed Martin Aerospace needed a method to perform bore sighting alignment and verification that could be done without specialized Metrology training and without the need for precision optical measurement tools. ATT Developed a dedicated application (LTAS) that combined a laser tracker along with aRead More

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Lockheed Martin Aerospace – Airplane Monitoring

Overview Lockheed Martin Aerospace needed a method to measure custom F16 airframe modifications before and after the modifications were applied. Using a specialized UI with audible and visual queues the Airplane Monitor guides operators so they can complete jobs quickly and accurately with minimal MetrologyRead More

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W.M. Keck Observatory – Large Telescope Operation

ATT has had several opportunities to assist The W.M. Keck Observatory, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, with their large telescope operation. Frederic H. Chaffee, Director, wrote: “On behalf of the Keck Observatory, I wish to thank you and ATT Metrology Solutions for theRead More

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University of WA – Capstone Project

ATT had an opportunity to assist the University of Washington’s Aeronautical Department, located in Seattle, Washington with their modification of an F-16XL for low sonic boom. Kristin Levengood and Joey Duncan Team Leaders, wrote: “The 2007 University of Washington Capstone Aircraft Design Class would likeRead More

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University of Arizona – Supporting Research and Education

In 2003, ATT had the pleasure of assisting The University of Arizona investigate the viability of a laser tracker system to be used as a tool in their Optical Shop. Dr. Jim Burge said the following: “We would like to thank you for the donationRead More

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Bombardier Aerospace – Verification of AJFA Wing Tools

ATT utilized the Leica AT401 Tracker, the Faro Xi Tracker and the Wild Optic Level, to complete all of the measurements on the Wing Tools. ATT’s initial contract called for validation of previously constructed AJFA Wing Tools Units 1 and 2. After arriving on site,Read More

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Remmele Engineering C-130 Cargo Door Scan

ATT Metrology was selected by Remmele to measure all of the tooling for the C-130 forward Passenger door and to scan an existing door on the C-130. The data would be used to Reverse Engineering. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the processRead More

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Bonneville Dam

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Alstom to support the precision alignment of the #11 stator of the Hydro-Electric Generator at the Bonneville Dam at Cascade Locks, Oregon. ATT aligned the Stator level to the center shaft of the generator using a laser tracker.Read More

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Parabolic Trough Intercept Factor

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was selected by Gossamer Space Frames Inc. (Gossamer) to provide precision measurement services to calculate the intercept factor of parabolic mirrors in relation to light refraction to a focal point. ATT developed a targeting strategy for the photogrammetry system that wouldRead More

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Boeing 787 Final Assembly – Crane Rail System

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was chosen by ACECO to provide precision alignment services for the new overhead crane system in the 787 Boeing Final Assembly Plant in Charleston, SC. The plan required measurements to be taken over 1000 feet in distance and 80 feet aboveRead More

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Bullet Train Reverse Engineering Project

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted to perform the reverse engineering of an existing model master into a CAD model for Super Steel. The project required the digitizing of the 10-ft. by 8-ft. by 15-ft. model using a laser tracker. ATT Technicians collected nearly 60,000 pointsRead More

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Laser Tracker Training & Process Documentation Development

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted by Raytheon to assist them in improving the implementation of their laser tracker systems by performing advanced training for their Tool Fabrication and Quality personnel. ATT also assisted in developing documentation to ensure the operators were following the best practicesRead More