Boeing 787 Final Assembly – Crane Rail System

American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) Boeing 787 Final Assembly Plant, Charleston, SC

Precision align Crane Rails, Create a coordinate system, level to gravity
Overhead crane and hook inside factory building for lifting work.

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was chosen by ACECO to provide precision alignment services for the new overhead crane system in the 787 Boeing Final Assembly Plant in Charleston, SC. The plan required measurements to be taken over 1000 feet in distance and 80 feet above the production floor.

ATT utilized state-of-the-art Laser Trackers and the most advanced Total-Stations to create a precise and permanent reference system network for the crane system and then provided measurements to adjust each of the (22) 1000 foot long overhead rails to within Engineering tolerances. The measurements allowed for precise adjustments which resulted in extremely smooth operation and increased longevity of the overhead crane system. The skilled technicians, using advanced metrology techniques, were able to verify straightness and level to .062″ over the entire length of the building.

Additionally, this is the first building known to have a modern and highly precise reference system which will allow for future measurement and adjustment of the crane rails at anytime during the lifecycle of the crane system. This is an extremely important advantage over legacy methods.