3D Laser Scanning Services

ATT Metrology Solutions is at the forefront of 3D laser scanning services, ensuring the successful execution of construction and engineering initiatives through precise as-built documentations. Our expert Mapping & Modeling Team adeptly converts point cloud data into detailed 2D CAD layouts, 3D BIM representations, 3D meshes, TruViews, and immersive virtual tours, all adhering to the highest quality benchmarks. This approach not only guarantees accuracy but also provides our clients with a comprehensive digital visualization of their projects.

Traditional architectural and construction drawings frequently suffer from being outdated or inaccurate, which can lead to unforeseen complications and significant setbacks. Leveraging 3D laser scanning technology, our team offers a modern solution that equips your project with precise point cloud data, comprehensive 2D CAD layouts, and intricate 3D BIM models. This advanced approach streamlines project planning, minimizes the likelihood of modifications and delays, and ensures a more reliable execution.

As industry front-runners in 3D laser scanning services, we conduct detailed construction site evaluations and geospatial analyses, catering specifically to the AEC sector's needs. Our skilled experts ensure the delivery of top-tier as-built information, maps, and models by utilizing cutting-edge tools, software, and methodologies. The precision of our 3D scanning process guarantees exact measurements and dimensions of structures, work sites, industrial plants, and facilities, achieving an astounding accuracy of 2-4mm. Our services bridge the gap between the current unknowns of a project site and its digital twin, facilitating a seamless transition into the digital era.

Our 3D Laser Scanning Services

Industrial Facility Piping Point Cloud

As Built Laser Scanning Services

A survey of as-built conditions, documenting precise measurements and placements, is indispensable for design, construction, refurbishment, pre-assembly, and modifications of facilities. This detailed documentation is crucial for ensuring accuracy throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial planning to final execution.

Concrete 3D Laser Scanning Services

For tasks such as concrete inspection, layout, or record-keeping, our services streamline your project's progress. Utilize 3D laser scanning to gather and disseminate data related to your project. We offer comprehensive 3D laser scanning solutions tailored to your needs. ATT Metrology Solutions is equipped to perform analyses of floor flatness and levelness, evaluate tolerances and deflections, confirm the placement of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, document ground-penetrating radar field markings, among other services. The accuracy of 3D laser scanning ensures detailed documentation of your concrete project, facilitating quicker decision-making processes.

Building Information Model of metal structure. 3D BIM model. The building is of steel columns, beams, connections, etc. 3D rendering. Engineering, industrial, construction BIM background.

BIM Modeling Services | BIM Laser Scanning

ATT Metrology Solutions has perfected the process of transforming point clouds into 3D BIM models, serving the planning and design requirements of diverse projects. These 3D BIM models offer precise virtual representations of buildings or sites, enhancing the efficiency of design, construction, and management workflows. They enable clients to dissect and comprehend the integration of architectural, structural, and MEP components within a cohesive unit. It becomes possible for users to modify and adjust various elements such as walls, beams, windows, and doors, catering to the specific planning and design demands of their projects. The utilization of 3D BIM services grants clients a comprehensive view of every project aspect, allowing for the early identification and resolution of potential issues, thereby streamlining the project's overall efficiency.

Construction 3D Laser Scanning Services

Precise documentation of current building states is critical for successfully orchestrating construction projects. Through 3D laser scanning, the spatial dimensions of buildings and locations are meticulously mapped and rendered with exceptional precision down to the millimeter. This data facilitates the comparison of ongoing construction efforts with initial design blueprints. By employing 3D laser scanning technology, teams can efficiently and accurately capture the status of a project, thereby streamlining the preparation and planning phases. Moreover, this information is digitally accessible to all members of the project team, ensuring seamless collaboration.

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Drone Laser Scanning Services

Our approach ensures secure, precise, and cost-efficient data acquisition through drone technology, particularly tailored for 3D laser scanning services in expansive, challenging, or inaccessible environments. With our deep expertise in drone operations, we engage in close partnership with our clients, adapting the advanced capabilities of these unmanned aerial systems to meticulously collect and execute 3D laser scanning, customized to their specific project demands and objectives. This integration of drone technology enhances the accuracy and efficiency of capturing spatial data for a variety of applications.