Consulting & Training

ATT Metrology focuses on providing customers with the highest quality, effectiveness and traceability standards. We prepare your departments to be always audit-ready and compliant by providing metrology consulting and training services unique to your business needs.

With years of industry experience, we are well-positioned to offer metrology and calibration training in your critical fields. Let’s work together.


Metrology Consulting

We work with customers across industries to develop measurement automation solutions that streamline production. ATT offers support by integrating 3D measurement systems into your processes and creating standard procedures that your team members can easily implement.

Metrology Training

ATT offers metrology and calibration training in the use of 3D equipment. Our metrology training covers the following areas:

  • Basic and Advanced Equipment Operation
  • Tool & Part Inspection
  • Tool & Part Fabrication

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Why Choose ATT Metrology Consulting and Training

Unmatched Precision Measurement Solutions

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Technical Expertise

ATT has a deep understanding of the latest metrology technologies and methods, enabling us to provide reliable metrology consulting and training programs that optimize manufacturing processes.

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Range of Services

Besides metrology training and consulting, we offer a broad range of precision measurement services, including 3D scanning, surface analysis and precision alignment for various applications.

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Quality Certifications

ATT has certifications for ISO 9001 and AS9100D, demonstrating our capability to implement metrology best practices and provide the highest-standard precision measurement solutions.


Guideway Design – Track

The Challenge

The Holloman Air Force Base contracted ATT to align the rocket test rail using a laser tracker. To ensure accuracy, we conducted our measurements during the evening for greater temperature stability.


Our ATT technicians successfully aligned the rocket test rail and even aligned more lineal feet of tracker per day than any prior crew could achieve.


With the harsh conditions of Alamogordo, New Mexico, our ATT personnel conducted on-the-job training for the laser tracker crews that would help to improve their performance and provide insight into the optimal use of their laser trackers.

Digital high speed railway bullet train, 3d rendering. Digital drawing.


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University of WA – Capstone Project

ATT had an opportunity to assist the University of Washington’s Aeronautical Department, located in Seattle, Washington with their modification of an F-16XL for low sonic boom. Kristin Levengood and Joey Duncan Team Leaders, wrote: “The 2007 University of Washington Capstone Aircraft Design Class would like to thank you for yourRead More

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University of Arizona – Supporting Research and Education

In 2003, ATT had the pleasure of assisting The University of Arizona investigate the viability of a laser tracker system to be used as a tool in their Optical Shop. Dr. Jim Burge said the following: “We would like to thank you for the donation of your time and accessRead More

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Laser Tracker Training & Process Documentation Development

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted by Raytheon to assist them in improving the implementation of their laser tracker systems by performing advanced training for their Tool Fabrication and Quality personnel. ATT also assisted in developing documentation to ensure the operators were following the best practices known in the industry toRead More

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Tooling and Experimental Manufacturing

ATT Metrology was contracted to supply Leica LTD500 laser trackers, training and consulting for the support of the tooling programs for CRJ200, CRJ700 and the upcoming CRJ900 programs. ATT was successful in assisting Bombardier in becoming a leader in the implementation of laser trackers for the fabrication and inspection ofRead More


ATT’s up-to-date and industry-proven metrology and calibration training
programs provide valuable insight into quality systems, soft skills, technical
tools and international standards. Partner with us and equip your team with
knowledge and expertise to boost operational efficiency.