University of WA – Capstone Project

University of Washington Seattle, Washington

Supporting Research & Education
View of downtown Seattle skyline in Seattle Washington, USA

ATT had an opportunity to assist the University of Washington’s Aeronautical Department, located in Seattle, Washington with their modification of an F-16XL for low sonic boom. Kristin Levengood and Joey Duncan Team Leaders, wrote:

“The 2007 University of Washington Capstone Aircraft Design Class would like to thank you for your generous support. This year our class chose to tackle the particular difficult challenge of modifying an F-16XL for low sonic boom. After extensive research, analysis, and testing we actually built a scaled down remote control model of the final design. On May 28, 2007 “Big Bird”, as our plane is affectionately known, took her first flight at the Naval Outlying Field on Whidbey Island. Needless to say the entire class was ecstatic to see her in the air. The aircraft has been undergoing some modifications since that first flight and we hope to have her flying again as soon as the weather permits. This project enriched our final quarters as undergraduates in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department in many ways. It’s a huge success for us and we recognize you for helping us make this possible.”