Metrology Integrated Measurement Systems

Let ATT Metrology Solutions develop integrated measurement systems for your customized applications.

ATT has been a leader in developing the dynamic capability of high-speed photogrammetry in the industrial space. For decades, we have successfully utilized traditional photogrammetry to solve customer needs worldwide. Our ability to capture high amounts of data points using passive targets removes some limitations of other inline metrology hardware.

Additionally, as our customers continue to automate throughout their manufacturing cycle, ATT has identified an industry need for photogrammetry solutions that provide the accuracy of traditional photogrammetry with the speed of existing high-speed photogrammetry. Through our knowledge base and exposure to both technologies, we are actively working with Hi-Speed photogrammetry industry partners to integrate their latest technology and create inline metrology solutions in manufacturing.

A Custom Metrology Solution for Your Application

Our application experts work closely with our development team to design appropriate integrated measurement systems for your business.

We integrate the most appropriate inline measurement technology hardware, supporting hardware and measurement processes with a graphical user interface around a specific application.

Complete integrated measurement systems include all required targets/fixtures, interfaces, training and operating procedures.

Benefits of high-tech custom metrology solution include:

Custom metrology integration of best hardware, software, GUI training and interfaces
Higher levels of precision and accuracy in inline measurement
Simple-to-operate and maintain integrated measurement systems that increase productivity

What Problems Can
Custom Metrology Integration
Solve for You?

  • Integration of metrology and scanning technologies in production and engineering
  • Custom application and user interface development
  • Automated quality control
  • 3D measurement technological integration
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Design Experience – Custom Metrology Integration


The Challenge

Aerotec hired ATT to provide an external scan of a Boeing 737 to simulate the effect of aerodynamic modifications on the aircraft. The high accuracy of a digitized as-built model would maximize the aerodynamics following the modification. This was to be done as quickly as possible to minimize aircraft downtime.


Since the aircraft was on its wheels (not jacked), the scanning solution needed to move with the aircraft.

The laser tracker was used to locate datum features on the aircraft. Spatial Analyzer software was used for this. Targets were placed 6” apart around the aircraft areas to be scanned to map the surface. The photogrammetry camera was used to photograph the areas with targets. That data went into GSI software as target points.

The Creaform HandyScan was then used to scan the aircraft, which includes the target data, into VXelements software. The GSI target values were imported into VXelements to stitch the HandyScan data to the network of points created by the photogrammetry system. A polygonized model was created inside of VXelements. Data was mirrored for modeling purposes using aircraft datums.


ATT Metrology scanned the required surface to within ±.010” accuracy and minimized downtime using the methods above. ATT processed billions of points, created polygonized surfaces over the 7 days, and then provided final data to the customer 48 hours after job completion. Alternative methods require more post-processing, less accurate data, line-of-sight restrictions, and blind spots in the data.

Integrated Systems Projects

AdobeStock 487474597 Large

Airbus Station 41 Fuselage Join

Overview ATT Metrology was tasked with surveying and providing adjustment data for the actuator location verification and adjustment on the Airbus Station 41 Fuselage Join Positioning System . Solution ATT Metrology employed their Advanced Automation Framework to develop an automated procedure to guide technicians in the measurement data collection ofRead More


Robot Guidance System

Overview Acieta needed a way to guide a Fanuc M-2000ia heavy lifting industrial robot in the placement of materials weighing up to 300kg within a tolerance of 0.38mm. Robots have a good repeatability of motion, but the accuracy of location can be anywhere from 1-5mm. ATT Metrology developed software thatRead More

Station 40 Screen Grab

Airbus Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join

Overview ATT Metrology was tasked with surveying and providing adjustment data for the actuator location verification and adjustment on the Airbus FAL D570-74040-000W7000-80A99 Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join Positioning System. Solution ATT Metrology employed their Advanced Automation Framework to develop an automated procedure to guide technicians in the measurementRead More

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Parabolic Trough Intercept Factor

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was selected by Gossamer Space Frames Inc. (Gossamer) to provide precision measurement services to calculate the intercept factor of parabolic mirrors in relation to light refraction to a focal point. ATT developed a targeting strategy for the photogrammetry system that would optimize the data collection andRead More

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Large Aircraft Infrared Counter Measure – (LAIRCM)

ATT Metrology was contracted by Boeing to measure the LAIRCM Sensor and SLTA locations on 40+ C-17 Aircraft. The task required the utilization of a combination of both Laser Tracker and Digital Photogrammetry to achieve the highest accuracy. ATT developed techniques which allowed the measurement process to occur outside onRead More

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Calibration of Laser Projection System For Composite Ply Layout

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted by Bell Helicopter to assist in the installation, alignment and calibration of a state-of-the-art laser projection system. The laser system projects the outline of various composite pieces onto the main composite part or mold for accurate positioning of the plys. ATT technicians accurately positioned theRead More

C5 open back nice scaled

C5 Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures

ATT Metrology has partnered with DS2 to install the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) for C5B and C5M aircraft. ATT took on the challenge of providing precise PTA and Sensor alignment measurements during install on an aircraft in an unstable environment. To meet this challenge, ATT technicians, engineers and programmersRead More

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747-400 to 747-8 Program Transition

For over 30 years, this facility had been producing Fuselage Panel Assemblies for the “Queen of the Sky”, the 747-400. When Boeing decided to stop producing parts for the 747-400 and begin producing parts for a new and longer 747-8 model, ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted to aid inRead More

Seamless, Custom Metrology Integration

At ATT, we show our commitment to improving your processes and maximizing investment by designing tailored measurement systems for your business. Leverage ATT’s expertise to solve your inline measurement challenges.