Parabolic Trough Intercept Factor

Gossamer Space Frames Huntington Beach, CA

Measure parabolic mirrors for the focal intercept factor
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ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was selected by Gossamer Space Frames Inc. (Gossamer) to provide precision measurement services to calculate the intercept factor of parabolic mirrors in relation to light refraction to a focal point.

ATT developed a targeting strategy for the photogrammetry system that would optimize the data collection and give the most accurate results. ATT was able to collect over 1500 points in a few hours and use that data to calculate an intercept factor for the reflective mirrors created by Gossamer. The mirrors were created on a master tool that was set by ATT at an earlier date..

Previously intercept factor tests were performed by a laser system that could take several days to collect the data. ATT was able to set up, collect the data, and process the data in less than 4 hours..

Note: The intercept factor for the master tool that ATT set was 100%.