Machine Path Correction

Dynamic machine path correction has been an elusive goal of manufacturers to improve accuracies for high-tolerance operations. Multi-disciplinary research and development (R&D) teams have historically labored to develop adequate manufacturing metrology solutions over several years with mixed results.

ATT Real-Time Enhanced Metrology Integrated System offers a high-accuracy machine positioning system of the entire path as the machine moves. The commanded vs. actual machine position is compared in real-time using a Global Metrology Platform and then used to provide Enhanced Machine Path Control.

Applicable objects to be controlled are industrial robots, CNC machines, AGVs or drones. Enlist our integration services and get manufacturing metrology solutions for high-accuracy positioning.

ARTEMIS System Features & Benefits

ARTEMIS™ allows the observation of all the objects of interest in a given manufacturing cell. It uses that information to improve the accuracy and precision of the assembly/manufacturing/inspection process.

ARTEMIS™ on Kuka, Fanuc and ABB Robots

Enhanced control is applied during dynamic and static robot modes, dramatically improving both robot path following and move-measure-correct capabilities. In addition to metrology-enhanced control, the same manufacturing metrology equipment is utilized to significantly improve robot calibration with superior forward and inverse kinematic parameter modeling.

With metrology equipment in place and through the use of artificial intelligence, calibration also occurs while the robot is in use. An accuracy of 0.004” (0.1mm) with an OEM robot can be achieved.

Functionality levels of the system:

  • Global Metrology Platform – Utilizes Inertial Dimensional Metrology™ with other sensors to create a 7DoF position and orientation datastream for all objects of interest in a cell. (Patents # US 9,557,157 US 10,545,014 US 11,035,659 US 11,035,660)
  • Machine Calibration
  • Move-Measure-Correct Static Machine Motion Correction
  • Real-Time Dynamic Machine Path Correction

What Problems Can Higher Accuracy Machines Solve for You?

  • Usability is available in the form of a product, not a project, deployment not development, results not research.
  • The ARTEMIS™ system makes accurate machines a reality in a productionized package using standard shop labor.
  • ARTEMIS™ technology applies to both new installations and retrofits.
  • Validate manufacturing processes without secondary measurement due to enhanced machine accuracy (i.e., in-process inspection).


Design Experience – Machine Alignment


The Challenge

An aerospace company enlisted ATT's services to track/improve the machine's movement for their large-scale robotic material application project. Previous efforts for positional accuracy did not meet the requirements for this project. Achieving the desired accuracy would yield weight savings and reduce part processing by 75%.

ARTEMIS™ Solution

ATT engineers integrated our ARTEMIS™ Global Metrology Platform within the robotic cells, utilizing our proprietary Inertial Dimensional Metrology™ data (sensor fusion between 3-dimensional metrology and IMU data) on three machines. The system will produce high accuracy, high frequency, and low latency data, which allows actionable real-time data for Enhanced Machine Path Control.


Utilizing the data created by the ARTEMIS™ Global Metrology Platform, a robot with a starting accuracy of ±2 mm was improved within its volume to <0.1 mm error, significantly improving the customer's robotic volumetric accuracy. Another much larger machine had a starting accuracy of up to 8 mm, which was improved to 0.13 mm with the ARTEMIS™ solution.

Accurate Machine Path Control That Boosts Efficiency

Many costly equipment and product quality issues can be attributed to the inaccuracy of machines within production lines. Let ATT help you by designing a Global Metrology Platform for Enhanced Machine Path Control specific to your process, equipment and business objectives. We provide services to minimize downtime and avoid the risks of expensive rework.