Drone Laser Scanning Services

ATT Metrology Solutions employs FAA-certified pilots for aerial videography, building evaluations, and property assessments, utilizing high-end drones equipped with HD video and photo capabilities.

We provide secure, precise, and economical data-gathering solutions, ensuring high positional accuracy in extensive, hazardous, or inaccessible locations. Our team possesses profound expertise in LiDAR drone technology, working in close collaboration with our clients to leverage the capabilities of these unmanned aircraft systems to meet their unique requirements and objectives.


  • Urban Planning and Land Management – Creation of digital surface and terrain models
  • Construction – Conducting as-built surveys to minimize the necessity for direct site visits
  • Engineering – Tasks ranging from calculating earthwork volumes to performing critical infrastructure inspections
  • Mining and Quarries – Enhances productivity via accurate data for inventory control and strategic planning
LiDAR Scanner Rental
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Facilitates the creation of detailed and precise 3D models
  • Energy and Infrastructure – Enables inspection of linear assets, including pipelines, power lines, rail systems, and watercourses

Tailored Deliverables from Drone Laser Scanning Services

ATT Metrology Solutions expertly merges precise point cloud data acquired through laser scanning with drone photogrammetry to produce dimensionally accurate aerial imagery. We offer the following outputs to our clients:

  • Detailed Point Clouds
  • Intricate 3D Models
  • High-Resolution 2D Orthoimages
  • Precise 2D CAD Drawings
  • Engaging Flythrough Videos
  • Comprehensive Drone Services Across the Nation

ATT Metrology Solutions delivers professional drone services across the United States, catering to a diverse range of industries with numerous successful projects nationwide.

As the drone industry continues to expand rapidly, so does the number of companies offering aerial drone services. However, providing a professional, quality, and safety-focused drone service involves much more than simply purchasing a drone and operating it. We pride ourselves on delivering superior drone services to our clients.

Highlights of ATT Metrology Solutions

Our team at ATT Metrology Solutions is composed of highly skilled 3D laser scanning experts committed to delivering outstanding service, rapid response, unparalleled technical skill, and enduring dedication to our clients. Trust us to guide you seamlessly through the entire process, from initial planning to the delivery of final products. Our team's diverse background, encompassing engineering, architecture, information technology, and construction, plays a critical role in offering you the finest laser scanning services and outputs, ultimately saving your team both time and money on upcoming endeavors.

  • Specialization in 3D laser scanning, modeling, and aerial photogrammetry as our primary focus, ensuring prompt and precise outcomes for our clients.
  • Nationwide availability, with experience spanning various industries.
  • A consultative approach that provides you with essential insights, enabling informed decision-making for current and future projects.
  • Our in-house CAD technicians draw from direct experience in their fields, applying their knowledge daily to point cloud data and photogrammetry to produce practical and valuable deliverables.
  • Capability to develop models with any required level of detail.