Airbus Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join

Airbus Mobile, AL

Case Study
Station 40 Screen Grab

ATT Metrology was tasked with surveying and providing adjustment data for the actuator location verification and adjustment on the Airbus FAL D570-74040-000W7000-80A99 Station 40 Wing and Fuselage Join Positioning System.

ATT Metrology employed their Advanced Automation Framework to develop an automated procedure to guide technicians in the measurement data collection of the Station 40 support pylons and monuments system.

ATT improved efficiency in the field in a number of ways:
Reduction in time by at least 50% in collecting data over manual methods. In addition to time reductions, there were improvements over the prior bore sighting process which included: less equipment needed, fewer personnel required, and increased accuracy over the prior optical methods. The application instantly generates standardized reports for technicians to evaluate.