Bonneville Dam

Alstom Incorporated (Alstom) Cascade Locks, Oregon

Provide onsite support for the Aligning and Forming of Unit 11 Hydro-Electric Generator Stator in Powerhouse 2
Water spills through the turbines of the  Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River in  Oregon

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Alstom to support the precision alignment of the #11 stator of the Hydro-Electric Generator at the Bonneville Dam at Cascade Locks, Oregon.

ATT aligned the Stator level to the center shaft of the generator using a laser tracker. ATT measured multiple points on the upper and lower sections of the 36ft diameter stator which provided positioning and form data for the overall refurbishing efforts. The measurement process was repeated several times as adjustments were made to the stator. The data, that was generated quickly onsite, enabled Alstom to align the stator concentric to the shaft and also re-form the out-of-round stator in a timely manner.