Lockheed Martin Aerospace – Airplane Monitoring

Lockheed Martin Aerospace -

Case Study
f16 falcon fighter jet on sunset  background


Lockheed Martin Aerospace needed a method to measure custom F16 airframe modifications before and after the modifications were applied. Using a specialized UI with audible and visual queues the Airplane Monitor guides operators so they can complete jobs quickly and accurately with minimal Metrology background and/or Laser Tracker experience.


The application interfaces with SpatialAnalyzer¬ģ to monitor location of a T-probe in the field and provide direction to the operators on where to locate the desired points of interest on the airframe. The program collects and verifies measurements against nominal data.


ATT improved efficiency in the field in a number of ways.

Reduction in time by at least 50% in collecting data over manual methods. No longer needing a human assistant to guide the technician and address beam interruptions and software messages and dialogs during a measurement job. Additionally, tasks related to data management (point naming, incorrect point deletion, etc.) are automatically handled and addressed so that technicians can work with clean data instead of wasting time fixing data. The application instantly generates standardized reports for engineering staff to evaluate.