Bombardier Aerospace – Verification of AJFA Wing Tools

Bombardier through Gonzalez Production Services Queretaro, Mexico

Verification and Modification of AJFA01 and AJFA02 Wing Tools
Full length side view portrait of men aviation mechanics fixing and checking spoiler and flaps on the airplane

ATT utilized the Leica AT401 Tracker, the Faro Xi Tracker and the Wild Optic Level, to complete all of the measurements on the Wing Tools. ATT’s initial contract called for validation of previously constructed AJFA Wing Tools Units 1 and 2. After arriving on site, the customer requested that level buttons be added to the tools using conventional optics. ATT personnel also replaced and reset many of the AJFA details due to several design changes and details that were shown to be out of tolerance. ATT’s stringent procedural processes were responsible for the discovery that AJFA02’s reference system did not scale correctly; per customer request, the reference system was revalued by ATT.

ATT was able to maintain tolerances of +/- 0.0015 on the center Wing Pick Up details in an unstable temperature environment.