Maglev, Inc – Scan of Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit

Maglev, Inc. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Scan of Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit

In 2004, ATT supported Maglev, Inc., with a Scan of the T-Rex Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steve Hand, Senior Metrologist with Maglev, Inc., said the following:

“All of us at Maglev, Inc. would like to thank ATT Metrology for the help you gave our T-Rex project. We never imagined the turnout would be so great and we would like you all to know your efforts contributed to the success of this historical measurement. The outcome of the scan was much better than we had imagined due mainly to the support of professionals like you. The equipment did a great job of acquiring data and the accuracy was below 91 microns (the thickness of a piece of paper).”

“The partnership proved that science and technology – combined with a little imagination – can help museums preserve and promote one of the earth’s most valued artifacts. This demonstration of accuracy in measurement, scanning capability and rapid manufacture will not only help revolutionize the field of paleontology, but will benefit generations of dinosaur lovers for eras to come.”