Remmele Engineering C-130 Cargo Door Scan

Remmele Engineering -

C-130 Cargo Door for Reverse Engineering
Antarctica Skiway, LC-130

ATT Metrology was selected by Remmele to measure all of the tooling for the C-130 forward Passenger door and to scan an existing door on the C-130. The data would be used to Reverse Engineering. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the process of these doors modernize production on future models of this aircraft. ATT utilized the Faro Tracker for data collection on the tooling and to measure pertinent locations of the door. To capture to OML of the door, ATT used the Surphaser Large Volume Scanner coupled with the Faro Tracker to capture the shape very accurately.

This project demonstrated ATT’s unique ability to network multiple metrology devices together to create a highly accurate product for our customers. All data for this project was successfully collected and the resulting scans were accurate to +/- 0.010”