Leading Aerospace Service Provider ATT Metrology Services Increases Large Volume Measurement Capabilities with Leica T-Probe and Leica T-Scan

14 March 2006
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The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems announced today ATT Metrology Services, Inc. (Redmond, WA) has acquired their most advanced, portable CMM system, consisting of the LTD840 Leica Laser Tracker and the Leica T-Probe and T-Scan combination. ATT is a leading service provider of high precision measurement and alignment services for the aerospace industry. Leica’s 3D coordinate measurement systems are used by prominent manufacturers and service providers worldwide in the aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding industries.

ATT Metrology Services has utilized Leica’s mobile measurement products since 1988. The company will expand its large volume measurement capabilities with wireless probing and rapid non-contact scanning as provided by the Leica T-Probe and T-Scan. Using Leica laser tracking systems, ATT’s highly experienced crews conduct a wide range of measurement tasks at customer sites, including the precision alignment of large machines, building aerospace tools, inspecting aircraft production parts, aligning mirrors and trunnions in an observatory, or setting precision survey monuments or large components in a nuclear reactor.

“The Leica LTD840 Laser Tracker with the Leica T-Probe and T-Scan is truly a state-of-the-art system,” states Steve Ihlenfeldt, president of ATT Metrology Services. “The wireless Leica T-Probe will enable us to measure aircraft tool and production parts at a much faster rate. Reducing the number of tracker relocations translates into a significant cost and time savings. An additional benefit is the Leica T-Probe’s ability to measure or inspect points in deep pockets or recesses that could not be accessed in the past.”

With their purchase of the Leica T-Scan, ATT projects that large-volume laser scanning will be a key growth area for their business model. “The Leica T-Scan is a perfect example of a technology that will revolutionize the way parts are designed and inspected,” continues Ihlenfeldt. “The Leica T-Scan, coupled with software working directly the CAD model of a part to be manufactured, will be able to scan all the critical features of a part very rapidly. It will no longer be necessary for the engineer to laboriously detail discrete dimensions and tolerances for every critical feature. This process enables two key aerospace initiatives, which are direct CAD analysis and reduced dimensions and tolerancing.”

Ihlenfeldt concludes on the importance of hardware mobility. “Since Leica’s Laser Trackers are highly mobile, we can inspect a part while it is on the milling machine that is producing the part, or ATT crews can go directly out on the shop floor where it is being assembled and perform a very complex and accurate inspection on site.”

Leica’s LTD840 laser tracker delivers the fastest measurement cycle in the industry for high point density (3,000 points/second) with a probing measurement range up to 15m (49ft). When used with a Leica T-Probe, the tracker’s measurement volume expands up to 30m (98ft) and allows manufacturers to perform wireless probing of very large parts in one setup. The LTD840’s measurement range reaches a full 40m (131ft) when used with a corner cube reflector.

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ATT Metrology Services, Inc. is a world-class provider of precision measurement services and equipment leasing. Established in 1988, the privately-held company is located in Redmond, Washington. ATT metrologists are highly skilled in the most advanced three-dimensional measurement hardware and software. The company’s wealth of industrial measurement experience continues to grow through its work with major international manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, scientific, marine, construction, communication, antenna and the entertainment industries. For more information, visit their web site at www.attinc.com or call toll-free 1-888-320-7011.

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