Lockheed Martin Selects ATT Metrology Services For New Advanced Alignment System

Seattle, May 1, 2002 – ATT Metrology Services, Inc. has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to supply a totally integrated Laser Tracker Alignment System (LTAS) to be used to align systems for the latest F-16 aircraft.

ATT is the aerospace leader in providing precision measurement and alignment services. To meet the Lockheed requirements, ATT is developing a new totally integrated system that combines laser trackers with customized software and mechanical systems to provide a total solution. The new alignment system is a significant upgrade from the current technology used. ATT will do the development work and support activities at its corporate site in Redmond, Washington.

Lockheed Martin is the leading manufacturer of military aircraft in the world, currently building the F-16 and the F-22 and recently awarded the contract to produce the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Lockheed was looking to make a technology leap in the way they measure and align weapons to the aircraft.

“We are very excited that Lockheed Martin has chosen ATT to develop this new laser alignment system for their latest aircraft,” said Joan Ihlenfeldt, ATT Chief Operating Officer. “The system that we are developing for Lockheed Martin incorporates all of the latest laser measurement technology, custom software, and specialized tools into a very easy to operate measurement system. The system is state-of-the-art and will result in tremendous efficiency and accuracy improvements.”

Highlights of the Laser Tracker Alignment System (LTAS) are:

A special portable laser tracker cart will house a ruggedized computer with a customized graphic user interface display will allow maximum flexibility.

The alignment system is easy to use and will result in very high accuracy.

Lockheed Martin is very enthusiastic about the efficiency improvement that they will achieve in their assembly line and that their customers will see during operation.

According to Joan Ihlenfeldt of ATT, “Our goal is to grow our business by continuing to develop the best systems and utilize the most efficient techniques to solve any precision measurement and alignment problem. We will perform these services for our customers or, as in the case with Lockheed, we will develop customized measurement tools around their requirements so that they can perform the services themselves.”

ATT is a woman owned small business located in Redmond, Washington, providing precision measurement and alignment services primarily in the aerospace industry. ATT has also worked on major projects in the energy and communications industry.