Precision Floor Rail Installation –
Boeing 787

Boeing 787 Manufacturing Facility

Customer Steel Fab
Location Charleston, South Carolina - 787 Final Assembly
Task Create reference system on the factory floor. Precision align and locate floor rails.

ATT Metrology Services (ATT) was contracted by Steel Fab to first rough locate, and then precision align a total of 1.5 miles of precision floor rails in the new Boeing 787 facility. The rails support the highly specialized airframe assembly Join Tools as well at the entire weight of the 787 airframe once assembled.

ATT used several state-of-the-art metrology systems to create an extremely accurate and repeatable building reference system that consisted of over 900 targets. The accuracy of the building network was with 0.010 inches within this volume.

The array of precision rails spanned an area approximately 200 feet wide and 900 feet long in total over all dimensions. The floor rails were located and precision aligned ahead of schedule and well within the design tolerance of +/- 0.030″ for overall elevation and +/- 0.010″ straightness per 100 feet. A final reference system was established for Aircraft Position 1 using over 700 targets to aid in the locating of assemblies on the 787 production line.