Ice Harbor Lock and Dam

Customer Marine Industrial Construction Inc
Location Ice Harbor Lock and Dam, Washington
Task Survey and Virtual refit of Lock Tainter Valve

ATT Metrology Services (ATT) was contracted by Marine Industrial Construction to survey a Lock Tainter Valve at Ice Harbor Dam. ATT used valuable past experience to assist our customer in the rebuild of their currently broken tainer valve to avoid any long-term downtime.

The survey was conducted onsite; the broken valve was placed on the top deck of the dam to allow easier access for inspection. The Valve Trunnions and contact surfaces of the valve surveyed 150 feet down inside the Lock Access Shaft.

Once the necessary data was gathered ATT used a virtual fit process within our software to identify the needed adjustment for the bore line process. Using this method ATT’s customer was able to utilize the existing structure without comprising the integrity of the valve allowing for the valve to be re-bore onsite and returned to working conditions ahead of customers deadline.