0.5″ SMR 24″ Hidden Point Bar

Adapter is used for establishing the location of a point that is hidden out of the line of sight. This is accomplished by measuring two to three precisely mounted ATT target adapters. Hidden Point Bar can be held in placed on ATT’s 0.5-SOSA-5-5000 Target Adapters using an ATT RC-1 Retaining Clip.

Precision located target adapters provide accurate spacing between Tooling Ball and SMRs. Use in conjunction with ATT’s 0.5 SOSAs.

Adapter is made of 17-4 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and durability.

Overall Target Dimensions
Hidden Point Bar is .75 by 1.50″ by 25.55″ long.

Distance to Center of SMRs
Offset is 12.0000 and 24.0000″ with an optional point at 18.0000.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
0.5" SMR 24" Hidden Point Bar 0.5-HPB-24-1 $ 928.80