0.5″ SMR Edge Target Adapter – Type 1

Adapter is used for measuring the edge of a surface using a 0.5 retro reflector target.

Features a recess to increase acceptance angle, two .135″ diameter holes to facilitate removal, and powerful neodymium magnets to hold both the SMR and target adapter on the edge of your part.

Provisions for ATT’s 0.5 SMR Retainer/Retention Clips, Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 (ATT Part Numbers 0.5-RC-1, 0.5-RC-2 or 0.5-RC-3). Includes a 6-32″ threaded hole on the bottom of the target for permanent & semi-permanent installation.

Adapter is made of Stainless Steel and heat-treated for corrosion resistance and durability.

Adapter is .480″ in diameter. Target edge is 1.060″ long.

Distance to Center of SMR
Offset is .5000″.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
0.5" SMR Edge Target Adapter - Type 1 0.5-ETA TYPE 1 $ 130.00