0.5″ SMR Type 1, 3/16″ through 7/16″ Shank

Adapter is used for measuring hole locations with a 0.5 retro reflector target.

Features a recess to increase acceptance angle. Two 0.135″ diameter holes to facilitate easy removal are featured in the .5000 offset adapters. The adapter has a powerful neodymium magnet. Target rests on a precision conical (3) point index.

Adapter is made of Stainless Steel and heat-treated for corrosion resistance and durability.

Adapter is 1.000″ diameter. The shank is 0.450″ long.

Distance to Center of SMR
Offset is 0.3125″ or 0.5000″.

OffsetShank DiameterPart Number
0.3125 0.2500 0.5-SOSA-1-3125-2500
0.3125 0.31250.5-SOSA-1-3125-3125
0.3125 0.37500.5-SOSA-1-3125-3750
0.3125 0.4375 0.5-SOSA-1-3125-4375
0.50000.1875 0.5-SOSA-1-5000-1875
0.50000.2500 0.5-SOSA-1-5000-2500
0.50000.3750 0.5-SOSA-1-5000-3750
0.50000.4375 0.5-SOSA-1-5000-4375