1.5″ SMR Tooling Monument with Cap

Adapter is used for establishing a fixed reference network.

Features include a bevel to increase acceptance angle and powerful neodymium magnet. Target rests on a precision 3-point conical index.

Adapter is made of Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and durability. Cap is made of durable plastic.

Adapter is 2.250″ in diameter by 0.670″ high.

Distance to Center of SMR
Offset is 1.2500″.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
1.5" Tooling Monument with Durable Plastic Cap 1.5-TM $115.00
Option: Stainless Steel Cap for 1.5" Tooling Monument 1.5-TM-SC $100.00
Option: Plastic Durable Cap for 1.5" Tooling Monument 1.5-TM-PC $15.00