80″ Steel Laser Tracker Scale Bars

Used to set or check scale on Steel parts. Available for use with either 1.5″ or 0.5″ SMRs.

Distance between the targets is built to 80.00″ +/-.030″ with the actual distance measured and certified to +/-.0005. High visibility yellow powder coat with protective steel rings around the target adapters.

Scale bar is made of A500 Series Steel.

Scale bar is 84.00″ in length. Steel tube measures 2.00″ by 2.00″

ATT Scale Bar Custom Shipping Container
Scale Bar Custom Shipping Container

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
80" Steel Scale Bar SB-800000-2 (for use with 1.5" SMR)$1607.00
80" Steel Scale Bar SB-800000-2A (for use with 0.5" SMR)$1887.00
Custom Shipping Container Sturdy & fits all 80" ATT Scale BarsSB-800000-CASE $1250.00