747 Skin Panel Tool Fabrication

Northrop Grumman (now Vought) - Commercial Aircraft Division Hawthorne, California

747 Skin Panel Tool Fabrication Support for Boeing's Accurate Fuselage Assembly (AFA) Improvement Program
Ulyanovsk, "Aviastar" aircraft manufacturing plant. AN-124-100 fuselage fragment.

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted by NG–Hawthorne to provide laser tracker and tool fabrication support to assist in the conversion or fabrication of nearly 100 tools used for the production of 747 panels.

ATT’s level of support consisted of providing 14 laser tracker systems, up to 25 jig builders, most of whom were experienced laser tracker operators, and assisting NG Tooling Management with the coordination of activity in reworking their existing tooling and fabricating new tools in support of Boeing’s Accurate Fuselage Assembly (AFA) tool improvement program.