F-16 Boresight Alignment Systems

Lockheed Martin Aero Company Fort Worth, Texas

Develop and Integrate an enhanced Aircraft Component alignment system for the latest F-16 Block 60 Fighter

ATT Metrology Solutions was selected by Lockheed Martin to develop and implement a modernized system for the alignment (Boresight) of key system components on the latest F-16 Fighter series. The LTAS replaces the original opto-mechanical methods, which are relatively unchanged from those used in World War II.

The LTAS, using custom tools, Spatial Analyzer software, and a custom -written GUI guides aircraft technicians not skilled in Measurement Technology through the critical alignment and setting operations of flight, weapon, and mission-critical aircraft components.

The ATT Metrology LTAS product has resulted in improved aircraft setup efficiency and accuracy both on the production floor and in the field.