TRAK-1630SX Lathe Machine at Tulsa Triumph

Tulsa, OK Triumph Group Tulsa, OK

Purchase of New Lathe Machine

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) has invested in the purchase of a new TRAK-1630SX Lathe Machine to replace the manual lathe machine currently used by onsite employees. The 1630SX provides ATT at Tulsa with the ability to increase their tooling accuracy by using the programmable CNC features. The 1630SX provides an increases efficiency for any job manual, 2-axis CNC or 3-axis CNC. This feature allows less experienced milling operators to perform higher-level operations thus increasing overall production capabilities.

The TRAK-1630SX Lathe Bed Machine allows us to support our customer with faster cycle times and with greater accuracy. Purchasing of this machine will enable ATT to continue servicing the increasing tooling/ manufacturing needs required for our ongoing tooling and Metrology support contract with Triumph Group Tulsa, OK.