Metrology and Calibration Training

ATT Metrology provides expert instruction in the use of Three-Dimensional Precision Measurement equipment.
The courses offered include the basics of operation, and advanced courses with sections for specific customer requirements and applications. Training classes are available at ATT or at the customer's facility.

ATT provides training in the following areas:

Path 838

Basic and Advanced Equipment Operation

The Basic course covers introductory elements of how the equipment works, how to set-up and check out systems for optimum performance, techniques for using the system and software basics.
The Advanced course includes a quick review of basics to ensure proper core knowledge, and then a focus on customer specific applications and the measurement techniques that will maximize efficiency and accuracy for the customer.

Path 839

Tool & Part Inspection

This course is tailored to meet customer specific requirements for measuring the customer's tools or parts. Training includes software packages preferred by the customer or a general review of the most frequently used software packages for the specific application. The course format is typically on-the-job training on customer's parts and tools to maximize applicability of training to customer needs.

Group 1734

Tool & Part Fabrication

This course focuses on project tested techniques for optimizing measurement systems for assembling, aligning and fabricating tooling and parts. The course is taught in an on-the-job training format with the customer's tools and/or parts included in the measurement phases. Training will usually focus on one software package, but can include a broader coverage of the most commonly used software for the application.