Reverse Engineering Metrology

ATT Metrology is the leading reverse engineering metrology company, actively working with customers to develop engineering models from existing parts or tools, i.e., “reversing” the normal engineering processes.

The key to accurate reverse engineering is getting the metrology data collection right. At ATT, we rely on decades of experience to apply the right tools and methods from our portfolio to collect measurement data in the most efficient way possible. This allows us to construct high-precision models in Catia V5, Siemens NX, or SolidWorks from polygonized geometry.

Being one of the most trusted reverse engineering metrology equipment companies, our methods include creating advanced point cloud data collection techniques to optimize the fitting of surfaces to complex shapes and surfaces. We regularly conduct “virtual fits” of existing components prior to the final join step in the manufacturing process to assist our clients in reducing flow time in the fabrication of major assemblies.

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Reverse Engineering Projects

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Remmele Engineering C-130 Cargo Door Scan

ATT Metrology was selected by Remmele to measure all of the tooling for the C-130 forward Passenger door and to scan an existing door on the C-130. The data would be used to Reverse Engineering. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the process of these doors modernize production…

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Bullet Train Reverse Engineering Project

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted to perform the reverse engineering of an existing model master into a CAD model for Super Steel. The project required the digitizing of the 10-ft. by 8-ft. by 15-ft. model using a laser tracker. ATT Technicians collected nearly 60,000 points on the model master over…

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P-3 Orion Reverse Engineering

ATT Metrology Solutions was contracted by the National Research Council of Canada to digitize a full scale P-3 Orion using a Leica laser tracker. The project required several days to measure all of the flight surfaces of the aircraft and resulted in over a hundred thousand point measurements. The data…

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F-16 Reverse Engineering & Fit Prediction

ATT Metrology was contracted to measure the forward and center fuselage mate areas on an F-16 Fighter Jet prior to joining the aircraft in the factory. ATT used the laser tracker data to develop NURBS surfaces using a reverse engineering software package. This same package was used to perform the…

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Boeing 757 Winglet Project

Precision Conversions selected ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) for this challenging application to provide a model of an existing Boeing 757 winglet within the aircraft reference system. ATT was selected for this work due to demonstrated proficiency using multiple technologies this project required. To accomplish this task ATT combined the capabilities…