ATT Metrology offers a wide variety of metrology inspection and process verification services, from measuring tooling for engineering acceptance and “routining” of tools for periodic quality acceptance, to comprehensive First Article Inspection or your production parts.

Another component of our metrology inspection services is performing engineering investigations for part measurements, fit checks, Statistical Process Control (SPC) collection, deformation/drift monitoring and in-process inspections.

ATT inspection and metrology personnel have developed specialized techniques for optimizing our metrology inspection services to minimize impact to the customer and reduce overall inspection costs.

ATT utilizes the latest in 3D Precision Measurement Equipment and Software, and our technicians are highly trained in the use of all equipment. Our industry-leading inspection and metrology capabilities enable manufacturers and engineers to establish accurate process control and achieve consistently high production yields.


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Maglev, Inc – Scan of Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit

In 2004, ATT supported Maglev, Inc., with a Scan of the T-Rex Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steve Hand, Senior Metrologist with Maglev, Inc., said the following: “All of us at Maglev, Inc. would like to thank ATT Metrology for the help you gave…

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W. M. Keck Observatory

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Keck Observatory to inspect the Azimuth Journal Bearing of Keck 1 telescope. Our customer’s focus was to determine whether any significant deviation from their prior data collected in 2006 after the Kiholo Bay Earthquake existed. Due to the importance of the data obtained…

Virgin Orbit 747

Virgin Orbit: Cosmic Girl

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Virgin Orbit to locate the position and orientation of 210 vibration Sensors situated on a Boeing 747-400 in support of ground vibration test. Virgin Orbit had customized this 747 for the capability of lowering the cost of sending shipments into space. The vibration…

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W.M. Keck Observatory – Large Telescope Operation

ATT has had several opportunities to assist The W.M. Keck Observatory, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, with their large telescope operation. Frederic H. Chaffee, Director, wrote: “On behalf of the Keck Observatory, I wish to thank you and ATT Metrology Solutions for the donation of services to our…

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Bombardier Aerospace – Verification of AJFA Wing Tools

ATT utilized the Leica AT401 Tracker, the Faro Xi Tracker and the Wild Optic Level, to complete all of the measurements on the Wing Tools. ATT’s initial contract called for validation of previously constructed AJFA Wing Tools Units 1 and 2. After arriving on site, the customer requested that level…

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Bonneville Dam

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Alstom to support the precision alignment of the #11 stator of the Hydro-Electric Generator at the Bonneville Dam at Cascade Locks, Oregon. ATT aligned the Stator level to the center shaft of the generator using a laser tracker. ATT measured multiple points on…

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P3 Orion Symmetry Validation

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was selected by Alabama Aircraft Industries Inc. (AAII) to provide precision measurement services to validate airframe symmetry for P3 Orion airplanes during the wing panel and spar replacement process. ATT was assigned the task to level the plane and then perform the precision measurements required to…

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F-135 GFE Hardware (Engine and Lift Fan)

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was selected by Pratt & Whitney to provide precision measurement services to measure and evaluate critical features using a Leica Laser Tracker fitted with T-Probe measurement capability and using Spatial Analyzer software. ATT was brought in to provide objective assessment of several F-135 engine components critical…

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777 Floor Beam Inspection

ATT Metrology was selected by McCann Aerospace Machining in conjunction with Spirit Aerospace to develop and implement a measurement process using the Leica T-Scan laser tracker based probing system and Polyworks inspection software with integrated GD&T capabilities. ATT’s involvement enabled McCann to reduce its inspection time by over 50% thereby…

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Drawbridge Counterweight Measurement

ATT Metrology was contracted by American Construction to provide laser tracker support to assist in the renovation of the Burnside Drawbridge constructed in 1926. ATT’s support consisted of devising a coordinate system for the drawbridge leaf and counterweight mechanism and then to conduct measurement surveys of the parallelism of travel…

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Ice Harbor Lock and Dam

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Marine Industrial Construction to survey a Lock Tainter Valve at Ice Harbor Dam. ATT used valuable past experience to assist our customer in the rebuild of their currently broken tainer valve to avoid any long-term downtime. The survey was conducted onsite; the broken…

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Morony Dam Hydro-Electric Plant

The Morony Dam Hydro Electric Plant near Great Falls, Montana, consists of 2 turbines each capable of producing 25 MW of power. ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted to survey Unit #1 to determine the relative shape and position of the rotor and stator to the rotor shaft, due to…

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Boeing 787 Production Metrology Support

ATT Metrology Solutions (ATT) was contracted by Boeing to augment their in-house resources for large scale metrology services. Several crews of ATT technicians were deployed along with a Leica laser tracker equipped with a T-Cam / T-Probe. Our crews showed tremendous flexibility and worked whatever hours Boeing needed in order…